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August                31st               MT SUGAR LOAF                                                          

October              5th – 6th        (over night trip)                            

November          23rd                Stockton Beach


WHERE: Sugar Loaf

WHEN: Sunday 31st August

TIME: 7am meeting kariong hill

            7:30am Ourimbah rest area

RSVP a MUST: Friday 29th August

Lunch: sausage sizzle and drinks – $2 charge

Ok guy’s these tracks can get a little rough for the soft roader’s and is unsuitable for the all wheel drives. It is possible for the soft roader but be prepared. More info will be given the week before after i get the chance to check the tracks out.

Has proven to be great day before so looking forward to it !!!!!


If you wanna come contact us so we can send you information, keep you in the loop, make sure we don’t leave with out you and most important have enough food.




0425 347 041




0411 578 431




The first trip for the year, only a small crew for the first trip but what a day. Not only did i forget a gas bottle and the guys had to go back to my place and get one but i got lost getting there taking the crew off the F3 one exit too early. Once we got there we were right into it, with all the rain it was going to be slippery.

The cruiser turned snoozer climbing the first real hill when we slipped into a rut, with all the clay we had to let the tires right down to get out – showing all the other what not to do when the snoozer got out of the way they breezed up. Although the mighty monster truck did lossen the muffler and fuel line on a rock but easily fix.

What a day for giving the car a good wash in mud cause we sure found some clay, mud and some big puddles. JD show me how to drive the snozzer by giving me  ‘JD’s mud driving 101 lesson’ she was right at home in the mud.

Although the ending to a good day turned ugly when the mighty monster truck slid of the track to hit a tree, good to see it was only minor damage and that the new nudge bar did it’s job. Tho the monster truck wasn’t really set up for these tracks but benny tamed the beast well – and we hear the the monster truck has been getting some work done – I’ve been lucky enough to see the progress and lets just say she’s begining to look like a real monster truck.  


When we were organising the trip we did not plan for over 100mm of rain but what can you do? There were more puddles/rivers than there was land to pitch a tent!!!

The kids loved the rain and mud which worked out well i guess keeping them all occupied and well i didn’t dampen the adults spirits either. With enough food to feed an army, a camp fire and a huge tarp (thanks gav and mel) we had all we needed !! or so we thought  – with the strong winds + heavy rain it gave jodie stu and i a hell of a task through out the night as the big tarp caved in several times.

So first day on the beach and what’s the first thing we see but i small toy stuck in the middle of a big water crossing abondon, poor bloke ( we found that puddle to be extreemly deep later that after noon). After explaining the dangers etc we hit the dunes first for a little one to carm the nerves and then on to the real stuff. The first timers nailed it and brooke also known as BS show all in the rav4 – BS monster dunes 101…

We had some great time’s on the dunes and the kid’s loving it as usual, only one set back is that we went up with 8 4×4’s and only came back with 7 after ben decided to remodel the radiator.

Looking forward to the next weekend away guy’s


So come join the crew!!!!





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