EV kids

Every Saturday night we run a parallel kids program from 5:15pm till the end of church.
Adam and Jo Hill coordinate this well structured program that includes dinner, bible teaching and fun activities for kids from 0 – 12yrs.

Our aim is to build a safe and exciting ministry that cares for our kids and helps them to know and love Jesus while their parents are released to connect and receive during our service.

So.. bring ya kids along and sign them in to EV Kids.

need more info? contact Adam and Jo – kids@saturdayev.com or download the brochures:

Hey Mums and Dads,

We had a fantastic time looking at Genesis last term. It was awesome for us to see the way that God works in the good and the bad and the big and the small things in life to bring about His plans and purposes. In our last Genesis lesson we brought it all to Jesus and learnt how because of ‘Him’, his death and resurrection, we too can share in the ‘promise’ and be a part of God’s family. Checkout our ‘promise tree’ below.


This term we have started where we finished off talking more about how we are the ‘Chosen’, ‘Adopted’, ‘Forgiven’ children of God. We are looking at Paul’s letter to the Ephesians with our older preschool and school aged groups. (Click for an outline below). Pray for our kids that they will grasp a bigger picture of all that we have as God’s children because of Jesus and how we are to live out who we are in ‘Him’.

Until Next time

Adam and Jo

Operation Christmas Child

There are many ways in which we can show God’s love to others. Operation Christmas Child is one of them. As part of this programme, small boxes are filled with toys which are then sent overseas and given to poor and needy children as Christmas presents. If you would like to be involved grab a box and brochure at the EV Kids sign in desk. Read the brochure carefully and fill the box. When it is ready bring it back to the sign in desk. All boxes need to be returned to church no later than Saturday 26th September. You might like to fill a box on your own, fill one as a family, or even a growth group. If you have any questions email Jo at kids@saturdayev.com.


6 Responses to “EV kids”

  1. Joe and Adam are awesome !
    They did a great Job ….Keep it up.

  2. My daughter loved it so much she asked “Mum, can I live at church? Because I don’t want to miss it!”

  3. “My son has asked everyday this week if tonight he gets to go to EV Kids!”

  4. laurel wants to know whats for foodahhhh this week

  5. Jake had been resisting going to church, after his first visit to EV kids he begged to go back and asked me every day for the next week if it was time for EV kids yet.

  6. “EV Kids love Jesus. Thanks for teaching us about Adam and Eve and the apples. We love learning about Jesus. We love him with all our heart and we love to pray to God and sing and dance and we love hearing the stories and we love learning how to be good and behave. Thankyou for teaching us Jo Jo and Adam.
    (Thanks for doing such a great job you guys, Laurel has gone from not being interested in Jesus to listening to the bible and saying the most beautiful prayers several times a day. She also explains things from the bible that you have taught her in a way that indicates she really understood the message. Bless you guys for doing such a great job. Keep up the good work. Melin)

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