kids bible resources

Bibles for Kids

Here are just a few that we have found helpful over the years. Feel free to comment and add your own.


The Beginners Bible Word Publishing

Simple Text, and brightly coloured illustrations. Been around for a long time, an oldie ,but a goodie!


The Early Reader’s Bible Gold’n’Honey Books

Simple Text , bright pictures. Can be read aloud to younger kids, but also written with the early reader in mind. Great way to start your kids reading the bible for themselves. Also has added comprehension questions at the end of every story.

The Big Picture Story Bible By David Helm Crossway Publishers

This is a personal favourite of mine. It shows children that the bible is more than just a collection of great stories. It shows how they all fit together. How God’s word unfolds from Genesis right through to Revelation.



The New International Readers Version. This is based on the NIV version. It has been adapted slightly to make it easier for early readers to read and understand e.g. words and sentences are shorter, words that are easier to understand are substituted where appropriate, and a dictionary for harder words is included at the back.


NIV Adventure Bible

A bit like a study bible for kids. Includes useful features to help them engage with the text and extend their understanding.

Other Material

Want some good material for Family devotions?

Check out Table Talk put out by St Matthias Press. Suitable for 5 and up.


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