sermon – James 1:1-18 ‘Thickening the Blood’


Tim kicks off our new series VITALS, from the book of James, with the first of many spiritual check-ups to come. Do you trust God’s goodness in times of trial, believing you’ll grow closer to him? Or do you blame and doubt God, moving further from him?

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~ by saturdayev on October 25, 2009.

3 Responses to “sermon – James 1:1-18 ‘Thickening the Blood’”

  1. Our family wasn’t able to make Church last Saturday night.
    So, we are grateful for the opertunity to be able to still hear Paster Tim’s Sermon.
    And by the way the sermon was cool, Thanks.
    Strength through adversity. In God’s Grace.
    regards, Denise and Graeme.

  2. Is it me or is half the sermon missing???? Every time I try to listen and hear what the 3rd shot in the arm is it stops!!! Really hanging to hear the end of this sermon as it really touched me. Thanks

    Margaret Cassar (from Lakes Evangelical Church )

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