sermon – Genesis 29-35 “Perseverance Through Pain”


Tim continues our Genesis series and the crazy things just keep coming! Jacob is tricked into marrying the sister of his true love and later ends up in the ring wrestling with Jesus – craziness!

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~ by saturdayev on June 14, 2009.

2 Responses to “sermon – Genesis 29-35 “Perseverance Through Pain””

  1. Thanx so much. I am a writer/poet and am enjoying listening to these sermons as I am writing. So thankful that I have come across this website!! Yah!!! Been thinking lots about wells as of late. Anyway, just leaving you all this poem. Its about reaching the well(s0 that God has destined for you. Basically about the release of trust (I call it capitulation!! Haha!). Anywho…bless yas.


    Regina Evans
    Oakland, California, USA

    as of yet, untitled

    alas, my breath of courage pushed forth
    in silence, silent, in the quiet, truth
    dreams strangely awakened to the now of what had passed away
    replaced with the infinitely glorious new. born.
    four corners of the winds blowing the breeze of
    sweetness in my face. covering my crown.
    grace of gifting flowing,
    thankful in dance. two, four, eternal steps. of life.
    lingering in the chair of restoration
    partaking in the harvest of my Master’s garden.

    my well


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