sermon – John 9 ‘The King of Sight’


Tim preaches from John 9 as we see another of Jesus’ crazy miracles – spitting in some dirt and rubbing the mud on a blind man’s eyes – and he sees! How’s your spiritual sight?

download sermon | iTunes podcast | download John Teaching Guide


~ by saturdayev on March 15, 2009.

3 Responses to “sermon – John 9 ‘The King of Sight’”

  1. Hey guys! I love the saturdayEV podcast! Great stuff!
    Just wondering – is it possible to make the file-sizes smaller? They push 70mb each, which is a sizable chunk to download. (by comparison, a John Piper sermon of the same length is around 13mb)
    There are some suggestions here for making them smaller:

    Keep it up guys!

  2. Yeah good call hayesy! Our original small file was being converted by the podcasting service and became a massive file. Should be sweet now.

  3. Ah cool – good onya!

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