LIFE – Looking into life with Jesus

Know someone who has questions about what it means to live LIKE, WITH and FOR Jesus? Might be yourself? Our 4 week course ‘LIFE’ kicks off tonight at Brandos Cafe – Fountain Plaza Erina, 7:30pm. Come and chill with a coffee as we look at:

1. Jesus-the promise of life.
2. What makes you think it’s True?
3. When Man and God meet
4. When Death Brings Life

~ by saturdayev on September 3, 2008.

3 Responses to “LIFE – Looking into life with Jesus”

  1. This sounds cool. Does anyone know whether details of what is going to be talked about is going to be posted on the internet? I would love to go but can not make it, and it would be awesome to get notes/info about it! Mayber when I get home!!

  2. Hey Matt,

    The course is intended for people to have their questions answered, therefore there’s not a ‘structured outline’ (apart from the above topics) to be posted online.

  3. thanks heaps

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