Got something to say?

if you missed your chance to stand up and share on Sat just type it out and post a comment here!

click here to watch footage of the open mic session

~ by saturdayev on August 11, 2008.

7 Responses to “Got something to say?”

  1. I didn’t stand up and speak on Saturday, but I really wanted to but I was petrified. So this is much more my thing. As a lot of people at Sat Ev know I haven’t been a Christian for very long. My life before was perfectly fine, no real problems, however I just felt like there was “something” missing. I now know that the “something” was Jesus. So what i would like to say is how grateful I am and will always be to Jaime for persuding me to go to Sat EV and see what it was all about, otherwise I may have lived my whole life without knowing Jesus. My second really big thankyou is to my beautiful friend Sal for praying with me to God for my salvation, and now for helping me with my Bible study (I have never read the Bible). but also to evreyone else at SatEV a big thanks for making me feel welcome each week, it has been a wonderful experience coming to church each Saturday, it is nothing like I expected. I often wonder if I had gone to a different church would I still be going and I actually don’t think so. It is the “whole package” with Sat EV that makes it so special.
    Maybe next year I will be game enough to stand up and speak, I hope so.

  2. Kingy here, this church rocks! I LOVE IT

  3. I just wanted to say praise god that Gav and Laurel now call Jesus Lord since coming to Saturday EV. Now our whole family loves Jesus and our church. Everyone at Saturday EV is doing an awesome job, and I thank god daily, for giving so many people the abilities and talents that they have, and the wilingness to use their gifts to serve our great god!

    Love Melin.xo

  4. Just like Mandy, I was too scared to get up and speak but I was really itching to say that…I first came to Saturday EV late last year because I had a hunger for the Word of God. I had been sitting in church being “propped up” with sermons each week at my previous church but I knew only the Word of God (and understanding & applying that Word) could bring me into closer relationship with God. I love the solid teaching here and I am so grateful to God that He led me to Saturday EV. I have been made to feel so welcome by all. Huge thanks to all, particularly Greg and Shelly, I am lovin’ my home group and I think they are great! And to Sal for reaching out to me on my very first visit…things ike that make such a difference to a newcomer!
    Praise God for Saturday EV!

  5. These comments are so encouraging! Praise God for what He has been doing!

  6. Okay….i was not there on Saturday night, nor have I been there since the start of June, because, well, I have been out of the country since then. Since joining the bible study in January 07, I have felt comfortable. I did not really think about what to expect out of the people, though someone in my head (yes people, someone in my head other then myself), thought to give it a go….Jaime (this name seems to be getting thrown around a little bit here) was an awesome guy. It’s awesome to hear these little stories about people getting to know and praising the Lord.
    I am currently at this summer camp in America, and doing a volunteer thing for a week. One of the campers asked if he could have a book to read as he went to bed. Okay, this literally happened, like, an hour ago, and another counselor said that he would go and get a book for him. He asked for the bible, and the counselor said he did not think there would be one and he would look for one for him. He then looked at me as I walked back into the room from the back and said to me, ‘I want to read the bible….I am a Christian!’-awesomenessly greatlyness stuff right there!
    I am currently talking to a potential “interest of mine” on facebook about stuff. She is looking at this website as we speak!!!

    See you soon guys,

  7. btw-getting up in front of the Church and telling them stuff sounds awesome!

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