sermon – ‘God makes babies’

Tim preaches a school holiday message from Psalm 127. Kids are a good gift from God not an inconvenience that disrupts our lifestyle – have a listen!

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~ by saturdayev on April 20, 2008.

4 Responses to “sermon – ‘God makes babies’”

  1. Thats a pretty explicit claim, “God makes babies.”
    Does he make them each time, or did he set up a biological environment that performs this function.
    Believing in the soul as created by God gives me reason to conclude that God must make the soul.
    So then is the baby the body or the soul?

  2. Crim, interesting question…
    my take is that the soul is created by God, just like you say. I also think that God creates our bodies even though there are some biological steps that people are involved in. Certainly a pregnant woman is nourishing the child inside her and provide a safe place as she goes about each day – feeds herself etc, but can she really will the child to grow? I reckon God does that.. he knits us together before we are even born. I’d say while we are alive we are body and soul!

  3. Thanks for the reply Sal,

    I think the passage you have cited from Psalm 139:13 is an example of “God of the gaps” where the thinker cannot find a scientific explanation for something amazing that they witness, therefore concluding that it must be God.

    You commented that there are “some biological steps that people are involved in,” however the reality is that the whole process of a growing baby is a biological process, and people are not involved in any way (apart from initial sexual relations.) Modern technology clearly shows us how a sperm and an egg create a embryo, and how cells multiply and grow according to their genetic code. It has been long showed that God is not involved in this process at all, rather intelligent designers hold that God set up the environment (space, time, matter), and the processes (biology) for this to occur all by itself.

    So our bodies are biologically made – there is no escaping this. The Psalm 139 text however, does not become textually suspect. If we believe that the Word of God is inerrant then God has communicated a truth to us. Reading the verse again in light of science it can be concluded that there is no reference to the physical body at all.

    “For You formed my inward parts;
    You wove me in my mother’s womb.”

    It may be referring to the soul alone Obviously the writer attributed the unfathomable forming of the physical body to God however, the writer would be mistaken. On the other hand this verse may be referring to the environment and processes that God set up for the body to be made. Either way is is clear that God does not knit our physical bodies together.

    What do you think?

  4. Hey crim,

    Your original question was valuable and you show that your a real thinker… It seems though, that you have let human reason cloud your view of God and who He actually is.

    Take a step back for a moment to think about (2 Timothy 3:16
    16) “All Scripture is God-breathed…” Meaning, the Bible is God’s Infallible word. His people are called to hold firmly to this truth and read the Word in light of Jesus, not science.

    Understanding the above, then take another step back from your biological debate. The Psalmist writes,
    Psalm 24
    1 “The earth is the LORD’s, and everything in it,
    the world, and all who live in it;”

    The only conclusion here is that God owns the world and all who live in it. He owns this world, and everything in this world belongs to the Lord (even you and me). The Book of Genesis accounts for God’s creation of this world. So we know that God is the creator, and owner of this world, and that everything (bar nothing) belongs to the Lord.

    Now suppose for a moment that you created the substance of clay, all the chemical formula’s and properties that make clay (clay). Then one day you decided to make something of this clay, (that looked something like you and me). You even created a way for this clay to pair up with other clays’s, to form new clay and multiply.

    So therefore, You are the designer, You are the creator, Your are the owner and You are the orchestrator of the clay.

    What right does this clay have to talk back to you and say, excuse me Mr “crim”, we make clay multiply not you (or we know how clay multiplies), You have no part in how clay is made…

    My friend, God is The designer, The creator, The owner, and The orchestrator of this world, and all who live in it.

    Science may tells us that biology makes babies (and i believe you are right about this), yet what you need to understand is that God is behind biology, telling “it” what to do…

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