Beach House Weekend – sweet and rocking

well… last weekend was sweet and rocking. Too many stories, too much action

Our girls rock!
50 of our women swamped the beach house and had an amazing time on Friday night. They loved on each other, deepened friendships, drew portraits, ran through the sand dunes, talked about Jesus and ate $500 worth of Thai food.

That band rocked!
Those Sydney boys treated us to something a bit different from our usual cosy ibar sounds – along with Mr Midori. Half of Avoca (and the whole of North Avoca) heard the music as well as some preaching and those who hung around later got to have a crack at fire throwing (and breathing)

Our men are rocks!
We want all EV men to ‘Man Up’ and be solid men of God.
So on Sunday we got together to eat meat and talk about how we need to ‘Man Up’ for Jesus. Man up in our personal life, man up in our family life and man up in our church life.

We’re definitely booking the beach house again for next year – question is… will we still fit in it?


~ by saturdayev on April 9, 2008.

One Response to “Beach House Weekend – sweet and rocking”

  1. Don’t forget to check some of the latest photos of the beach house weekend in flikr pics. What an awesome weekend!!!

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