video newsletter – april 2

~ by saturdayev on April 2, 2008.

5 Responses to “video newsletter – april 2”

  1. Good stuff Tim.
    While commuting I always struggle with how to direct the ‘hows the weather’ or ‘late train again’ convos towards Christ.
    Great encouragement


  2. hey Joel
    I reckon just starting the convo can be the hardest part
    there’s no fool proof way of turning a convo to Christ without looking like a tool – I say we just keep plugging away with a genuine interest in the person and a burning heart for Jesus
    take care on those trains bro

  3. Hey Tim

    Fantastic stuff – not just the video message concept, but its content as well! It’s amazing the conversations that happen when we pray for opportunities, boldness & wisdom. I’m excited to see what Jesus is doing in & through Saturday EV to grow His Kingdom. Keep your hearts on fire!

  4. Thanks Tim.
    Keep up the great kindom work

  5. Good way to communicate Tim.

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