Russell Crowe Baptism

Apparently Russell Crowe has announced that he plans to be baptised this year in his own private consecrated chapel.
If he’s serious about following Jesus he should just join us this saturday and be baptised down at the Haven.

At 4pm this Saturday arvo we will be baptising 12 people down at the Haven.
As we lay people back down underwater and then bring them up again we publically re-enact what has already happened to them in Christ.
Baptism is a physical symbol of the spiritual change we undergo as we are united with Christ.
We die with him to sin then rise with him to new life (Romans 6).
Come down and show your support as we celebrate the work of God in our lives and pledge ourselves to him.

Afterward we’re having a special Saturday EV service at Terrigal Primary School at 6pm.
all welcome


~ by saturdayev on November 8, 2007.

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