sweet music

we love to sing and make music for Jesus
we love to honour him with our voices and our hearts
as we sit under the word each week we expect to see new songs emerge
new songs that teach us, convict us and help us celebrate the amazing life we have in Jesus
as these new songs appear we aim to record them and share them
our first recording session will be after church in late November this year !!

~ by saturdayev on September 6, 2007.

2 Responses to “sweet music”

  1. ya cuttin’ my grass man!

    kidding… but seriously, i love music too.

    to stand before God – the creator and sustainer of all things – bringing nothing but a sinfull heart and a broken voice, and declair His praises, in His presence, shoulder to shoulder with His elect children would have to be one of the most truely spiritual moments in a Christian’s week.

    someone asked me recently, “what’s your job as worship leader?” i found myself describing more of a teaching role than a serving role.

    We all serve (1 Peter 4:10) administering God’s grace in it’s various forms, but Tim’s right, new songs ought to teach us the truths of the scriptures as much as they should facilitate an emotional personal responce to the scriptures.

    ay? howz that?


  2. dude
    thats awsome !!
    you must be a worship pastor
    anytime you wanna blog – just email me the stuff and I’ll wack it up

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