special father’s day sermon

really sorry about the quality of this one – it sounds like we did church on a helipad
just thought we’d wack it up anyway – if you can sit through it – well done !
if not – don’t blame ya ! – happy fathers day 🙂

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Special father’s day sermon

This is not “tips from the perfect dad”. While some days I feel like I’m the world’s best dad – other days I feel like someone ought to call docs and take my kids away.

This is about what the bible has to say about being a dad?

I realise the whole dad topic can be quite a painful one for a whole number of reasons. Maybe you missed out on a dad or your dad was hopeless, maybe you’re a single mum or a mum who just feels single because your husband is hardly around. Whatever it is – men these days seem to be losing the art of good fathering.
I often see fathers relegated to the fringe of their families while mum runs the show carrying most of the burden.

Dads ! – lets father the way God fathers us ! Model yourself on our heavenly farther!

God creates, God sustains and God instructs and corrects.

1. God creates
Child-bearing these days is often regarded as “women’s business” but when we open the scriptures we discover how God views a father’s role in reproduction.
God sees fathers as the creators of their children, the one who gives life just as He gives life. Eve was taken from Adam’s body, Adam (Gen 5:3) had sons “in his own likeness, in his own image”, Abraham (Gen 15:4) is told that a son will come “from his own belly” and Micah 6:7 speaks about how children are the “fruit of the fathers body”.
It certainly seems as though the bible regards fathers as more than just simple sperm donors. (For more on this topic see Tony Payne’s book on Fatherhood)
Fathers – you are the seed planter, you made your children, you gave them life, they are the fruit of your body and so… are you ready for it?

… you are responsible for them !

Father’s are ultimately responsible before God for what they have made. The buck stops with dads – let that one sink in !

Now… I know responsibility is a dirty word in blokey circles and dad’s who take their responsibility seriously are often labelled “under the thumb” by their mates. So many dads avoid it like plague, trying anything to get out of it and abdicate their responsibility to their wives attempting to live a hassle-free life as a boy forever.
Dad’s – you are not one the children anymore ! and your wife is not your new mum !

Grow-up, step-up and man-up – things have changed – take up your responsibility, invest in your family and leave a legacy that will continue for many generations to come.

2. God sustains
In Matthew 7:9 – Jesus speaks to father’s expecting that they will be dad’s who care for, provide for and protect their kids.
Father’s are responsible to provide food, clothes and shelter for their family. Paul says (1 Timothy 5:8) that a father who neglects this area is worse than a pagan but sadly we see many dad’s who need to be dragged into court for child support payments or who spend the family money on booze, gambling and sporting obsessions.
Father’s are also responsible for the physical protection of their kids and ought to put in place guidelines and boundaries and an early stage that aim to protect their kids from all kinds of physical and sexual abuse.
There are words of affirmation that kids need to hear particularly from their dad’s.
Little girls need to hear that “they are beautiful” and little boys need to hear that “they’ve got what it takes”. If children never hear these words from their dad’s they may spend the rest of their lives seeking these words of affirmation from anyone and everyone they come across.
Kids also gain a huge amount of emotional stability from knowing that dad loves mum. Dad… love your wife and let your kids see you showing appropriate affection to her and just watch the smiles come over their little faces.
Dad… you are the spiritual pastor of your household.
Pray for and with your kids, read the bible with them (and make it fun!!) and read your bible in front of them. This way your kids will know they can come to you with questions about Jesus as they see you modelling what a Christian man is.

3. Instruct and correct
Just as God disciplines those who he loves (Heb 12:7-14) dads too should instruct and correct their kids from within a loving relationship. Don’t provoke your children to anger (Eph 6:4) by using school-yard antics like teasing and bullying to control their behaviour. Make your instructions clear, your consequences “age appropriate” and follow through on your word.
The book of proverbs shows us a great dad who continually trains and instructs his son in very practical everyday life situations in order the cultivate self-discipline.

Warning !! whatever you do – don’t try to turn into “super-dad” over-night just let this stuff sink in and pray about your fathering.

Remember, whether you’ve had a great dad or no dad at all God reveals that he is “the father of the fatherless” (Ps 68:5) who loves and cares for us by sending Jesus to take our place on the cross. And he does all this while we are still his enemies. He’s not the father who only loves us when we are good – He’s our heavenly father who pours out his love on us before we ever even come close to deserving it.

Dads… get back in the picture !!


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