people see – people do

people end up just like their leaders
show me the leaders of your church and I’ll tell you what your church is like
thats why Peter turns to the elders at the end of his letter and says – “Be Shepherds!”
A good shepherd cares more about the his sheep than himself – in fact he might even lay his life down for his sheep (John 10).
If you’re thinking about stepping up into leadership take Peter’s warning to heart – ‘get your motives right’ cos the Chief Shepherd is returning soon.

Serve because you are willing – not slothfully !
Serve because you are eager – not greedy for money !
Serve as an example to the flock – not hungry for power !

how do you want your people to look?

what legacy are you leaving behind from your leadership?

what are you modeling right now?


~ by saturdayev on July 7, 2007.

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