whatever you do – don’t tithe !!

I’m sure thats what I heard him say !
Not the kind of thing you’d expect to hear from a church pastor but believe it or not tithing is a purely Old Testament concept.
Tithing (giving 10%) is only mentioned twice in the new testament (Matt 23:23 & Luke 11:42) and both times are a scathing rebuke against those religious folk who think they’re hot because they tithe.

We are Christians living in the new age – not Old Testament People of God.
Everything we read in the Old Testament needs to fall through the ‘Jesus filter’.
The New Testament says (2 Cor 8) that we ought to give generously, sacrificially, reguarly and joyfully. Look how the Macedonian churches gave – look how Jesus gave – 100%.

The question we ought to ask is – how much of God’s money ought I to keep for private purposes?
Can you justify a lifestyle that takes 90%?


~ by saturdayev on June 24, 2007.

3 Responses to “whatever you do – don’t tithe !!”

  1. i thought heardy’s example of john wesley was gold.
    something like this.
    year 1: income 30 pounds. expenses 28 pounds. giving 2 pounds
    year 2: income 60 pounds. expenses 28 pounds. giving 32 pounds
    year 3: income 90 pounds. expenses 28 pounds. giving 62 pounds
    as his income increased – his lifestyle didn’t – he just gave more away by the end of his life he was earning something like 1400 pounds – but still only living on 30 odd and giving the rest away!
    how good is that.

  2. I thought that example was a cracker too. The website is looking great! Love your work

  3. It’s not common that you hear a pastor say that you shouldn’t tithe. I think you said the right thing about giving sacrificially. Giving liberally, sacrificially, freely, gracefully, cheerfully are the ways that we should give because those are the principles of how God gives. He’s not a tither.

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