jesus owns all the money !!

Last night in the shed Jesus reminded us all quite clearly that He owns all the money – everyone’s money – the entire world and all it’s riches.
That’s hard to hear when I think about how hard I’ve worked for all the money and qualifications and skills that I have.

Surely if I’m the one who’s done all the hard yakka to earn the money in my bank account then I’m the one who owns it and can decide what I want to do with it! – well…not according to Deut 8.
God’s people are warned against this kind of thinking – „My power and the strength of my hands have produced this wealth for me“ instead they are told to remember that „God gives you the ability to produce wealth“.

I guess if God did make the whole world and everything in it including me and my ability to make money then yeah…
God owns all the money !
If you’ve got some – it’s because he has lent it to you with very clear commands about how you are to spend his money. 1 Tim 6 – „don’t be arrogant be generous and share it with others“.


~ by saturdayev on June 15, 2007.

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