we love our kids

Yesterday Ben ollied over three of our kids.
Yep – that’s right we got our kids to lie down on the footpath and hold dead still while Ben Dagan took a run off with his skateboard and popped a 180 over the lot of them – clearing them by a mile.
You know how these things happen – one thing leads to another – first it was one object, then two, then three, then “hey – lets get him to ollie the kids!”
I wish I had it on film – it was a riot – maybe next time.

We all head down to hangout at Terrigal from time to time to eat, laugh, drum and talk to people on the street. This time was as good as any and we took the chance to do a bit of a photo shoot to get some images to use in promoting our launch on August 11.

It’s good to get outdoors together!


~ by saturdayev on June 4, 2007.

One Response to “we love our kids”

  1. Thanks Ben for not landing on me. It was a bit scary. It was fun though.

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