cold rock religion

I pick my ice-cream flavour, my lolly filling and my cup size – then I walk out onto the street and invent my own religion in a world that revolves around me and how I want things to be.
That’s how it goes in our city – choose your fashion, your music, your tattoo and your dog – design your lifestyle and that includes your very own version of spirituality.
Bang a drum, sing a mantra, eat some sand and speak about a higher power of your own liking.
Since when did it become ok for us to design our own gods ?

I know… times have changed Tim
I’m glad I don’t live in a society where everyone believes what they’re told to believe, but surely we’ve swung too far the other way. Where are all the people making intelligent decisions based on solid conviction and well-examined evidence? Instead we seem to feel free to invent our own form of spirituality, god, heaven and hell based purely on what we’d like it to be.
I think we have an illness!!
Last Saturday I found myself nodding my head but screaming inside as my friend proudly explained how he’d sampled all the main religions and taken the bits he liked from each for his own personal designer form of spirituality. I reckon Mohamed and Buddha rolled over in their graves while Jesus squirmed on his throne as they listened to my mate describe how he threw them all into blender and flicked the ‘on’ switch.
Maybe it tastes good… but it looks like vomit !!
In order to ‘get along’ we seem to have become so obsessed with tolerance that we’ve forgotten how to think critically and evaluate each others ideas.
Come on people – man up ! – help me stop my head from nodding !
Consider this question;
How tolerant is God of our views? Does he care about us making up our own version of god?
“I guess we’ll find out one day hey” – is what another friend of mine said, but I’m yet to convince him that God has actually gone out of his way to let us know what he thinks.
Firstly, He screams at us, and secondly, He comes to us.
He screams at us through everything he has made. The skies yell down at us. Day after day they speak to us – God is saying “I’m HERE !” and “I’m awesome!”.
Then God goes further – He comes to us in the person of the son and becomes the man Jesus to do more than just give us a cool lifestyle to copy. Jesus dies on a dirty cross to make the most insane transaction in history – he exchanges his health for our illness.
God is totally intolerant of our weird and wonderful spiritual views but instead of turning away in disgust – he comes to us – to show himself to us – and heal us of our illness.

Jesus loves you… but hates Cold Rock !


~ by saturdayev on May 22, 2007.

2 Responses to “cold rock religion”

  1. When we went to America the Cold Rock sizes are ‘like it!’, ‘love it!’ and ‘gotta have it!’ The ‘love it!’ serving is massive and enough for about 5 people but we still had one each (just for the cultural experience of course!)
    What you are saying about the Cold Rock, make-it-your-way religion is pretty true though. I think it would be better if we searched after the truth with a ‘gotta have it!’ hunger.

  2. you guys are so cultured up – gotta love the pinsaks
    yeah – I think we tend to search for comfort with a ‘gotta have it’ attitude
    missed your voice last night pinsak
    you know that shot is the one your talented daughter took

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