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Our website has moved from to If you follow our RSS feed, please update to

Thanks for having us – you’ve been great!


sermon – 2 Timothy 4 ‘Living for Jesus in 2010’

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A new year is a good time to reflect. Grahame Fuller preaches from 2 Timothy 4, relating the last words of the apostle Paul to the realities of the Christian life. What areas do you need to work on in 2010 to live a more single-minded life for Jesus?

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Christmas @ EV Church

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sermon – James 5:13-20 ‘Pray Like Rain’

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How’s your prayer life? Do you lock it into your daily routine or just sing out when something’s up? The bible calls us to pray at all times – when we’re in trouble, happy, sick and everywhere in-between. Prayer is a gift…accept it and use it!

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Check us out!

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we’ve got a new rain shelter!

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In the last 3 years we’ve met in about 10 different locations. This has been been an adventure and a good reminder the church is Jesus’ body – his people, not a building! By God’s grace our extended church family, EV Church, has grown out of school halls and we’ve built a building. Come and worship Jesus with us each Saturday 5:30pm, 331 Terrigal Dr, Erina. Google map

sermon – James 5: 7-12 ‘Be patient!’

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Patience is a big deal in the new testament. Christians need to understand all the blessings we have in Jesus NOW. But we also need to realise what lies ahead, on the day of our Lord’s return. Be patient through the hard stuff in this life, it’s WORTH IT!

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